Lighthouse Associates is a very professional and well connected operation. I was quite impressed with Dave Clifford's insights and industry knowledge. His ability to understand complex requirements and bring the right people together is outstanding. I highly recommend Lighthouse for anyone searching for the scarce creative talent needed to make organizations successful.
Director of Employment
Medical Diagnostic Client

As a Human Resources professional for the last 24 years, I’ve worked at four facilities with headcount ranging from 650 employees per site to a location with over 7,000 people. As you can imagine, I’ve had to deal with numerous employment agencies to fill our various employment hiring needs and like all Employment managers, I feel comfortable dealing with some agencies and not comfortable with others.
Dave Clifford, President of Lighthouse Associates stands out amongst all of the agents I’ve dealt with.  Dave has consistently proven to me to be THE BEST in meeting our company hiring requirements while making me feel pleased to compensate him for his efforts. (If you knew me, you would agree that getting my money is not an easy thing to do). The reasons I feel this way are because Dave (a) – Asks the right questions for each of our individual job needs (b) Is absolutely diligent in finding out about our company culture and what makes our employees successful  (c) Is hard working, fair, completely ethical, honest, trustworthy and possesses the HIGHEST personal values (d) screens and prepares each applicant for exactly what we are looking for and  (e) communicates a status report in the most timely manner making my communication efforts to our management team extremely easy.
Because of Dave Clifford and Lighthouse Associates, I have virtually stopped using other agencies.  He has spoiled me and my executive team to the point that other agents cannot compete for our business.  It is a pleasure dealing with Dave and his company and I am confident that he deals with all of his clients the same as he does for us. I give Dave Clifford my highest recommendation. 
Vice President of Human Resources
Manufacturing Client

I have had the unique opportunity to work with Dave both as a candidate and a client.  Dave contacted me with a job opportunity at a pharmaceutical company and although I had never met or spoken with Dave before we quickly established a good rapport.  During the process of evaluating and interviewing for the job opportunity I was consistently impressed with two traits that separated Dave from other recruiting firms I had worked with in the past.
The first was his professional manner and experience.  Dave demonstrated a deep understanding of the employment process and facilitated many of the conversations and negotiations that took place during the process.  He clearly understands his role in the process and knew when he needed to be involved in the process and when he should step out and allow me to speak directly with the company.  When I was eventually offered and accepted the position I had already established a strong relationship with the company because of Dave’s ability to facilitate the process.
The second was his focus on both my interests in the position as well as the company’s interest in me.  I have worked with many recruiters in the past who seem only interested in placing someone at a company without any regard for whether it was the right position or fit for the person they are placing or for the company.  Dave took a very active role in evaluating me prior to moving forward with the interview process as well as gauging my overall interest in the position.  Never during the process did I feel that Dave was looking to just place me.  I was confident that his concern with making sure I was as interested in the job as the company was in hiring me would lead to a good fit for everyone. 

Once hired, I had an immediate staffing need that I turned to Dave for assistance in finding a qualified person.  I had received dozens of resumes from various other recruiters and it was clear that most of the recruiters I had received resumes from did not even have an understanding of the position before sending me resumes.  Dave, on the other hand, spent considerable time up-front trying to find out from me what qualities the right person would possess to fill the position.  This was a give and take discussion with Dave asking me questions that prompted me to think deeper about the person I was looking for and me offering up an explanation of what the responsibilities of the position would entail.  In the end, despite the dozens of resumes I had received from other companies, it was Dave who, having only submitted a couple of resumes, found a match that has since joined the company and has been excelling in his role.  Dave’s thoroughness and focus on understanding the requirements of the position meant that I had fewer resumes to filter through and more qualified candidates being presented for consideration.
From both a candidate and a client standpoint, Dave has proven to me that he is a top-notch professional recruiter who has a deep understanding of the employment process.  He represents both his client’s and his candidate’s interests fairly and professionally.  The best measure of my satisfaction is that I look forward to working with Dave again in the future as either a hiring manager or a job seeker. 
Senior Manager
Major Pharmaceutical Client
Clinical Data Systems & Programming